Yinhe Uranus Pro

Rp 150.000
  • Hitam
  • Merah

Spesifikasi Produk


Deskripsi Produk

“Barang dijamin 100% Original”

Karet               : Bintik Pendek

Warna              : Hitam / Merah

Warna Spons   : Biru

Ukuran Spons : 1.8 mm

Hardness         : Soft

Speed              : 100

Spin                 : 80

Control            : 80

Uranus Pro: New pips-out rubber for the new 40+ Ball

The latest pips-out rubber with pagoda shape pimples is perfect for the new material ball. With strong built-in tensor effect, the softer sponge enables faster rebounds while maximizing rubber surface and ball contact, also improves arc generation. Uranus Pro with the pagoda shape pimples provides extra speed: it is a force enhancer for the offensive pips-out players.