TSP Regalis Blue

Rp 450.000
  • Hitam
  • Merah

Spesifikasi Produk


Deskripsi Produk

“Barang dijamin 100% Original

Karet               : Polos

Warna              : Hitam / Merah

Warna Spons   : Blue

Spin                 : 96.5

Control            : 85

Hardness         : 44 degrees

Regalis Blue - The new dynamic tension spin oriented offensive rubber from TSP designed for the 40+ plastic ball.

Regalis Blue is a Made in Japan rubber. It possesses a soft feeling top sponge designed to produce maximum spin and catapult. The sponge is medium hard providing the needed speed to produce exceptional topspin and counter loops. The special feeling produced on contact by the "Dynamic Tension” technology enables more speed, and spin, without loosing the soft feel for close to the table and touch play. It's sister rubber, Regalis Red has a softer sponge and topsheet than Regalis Blue.