Nittaku Flyatt Soft

Rp 385.000
  • Hitam
  • Merah

Spesifikasi Produk


Deskripsi Produk

“Barang dijamin 100% Original"

Karet                           : Polos

Warna                          : Hitam/Merah

Warna Spons               : Cream

Category                     : Back soft

Classification              : AC (Active Charge)

Speed                          : 15.00

Spin                             : 11.50

Sponge hardness         : 30.0

Country of origin        : Japan

The hitting sound is outstanding!

Flat and meet hits are played at the speed of the pitch!

What is the "Fly at Series"?

It has an exhilarating shot feeling, and even if you hit it lightly, it bounces well, so you can learn various techniques and fight!

The strength of the natural rubber sheet has been improved at the molecular level, creating a sheet with grip.

Chips around the seat due to impact are less likely to occur than with conventional rubber, so you can use it with confidence.